Morgana Robinson as ‘Amy Childs’ in “Channel M”Today’s iPlayer pick was Channel M, starring Morgana Robinson… which, unlike Meera Syal’s Playback, was less of a single-story “short” and more of a random assortment of impressions and skits… like a trailer/taster for a potential series, which I really hope is in the pipeline! Morgana’s already had a co-starring role in a BBC sitcom called House of Fools, which was popular enough to get a second series, so presumably she’ll be sticking with the Beeb for the foreseeable future? Be nice if they could give her a show of her own to muck about in, because this clip-fest proves pretty conclusively that she can always come up with new impressions and characters to play, and surf the ever-changing currents of the pop-culture seascape. Er… she’s also very funny, and I demand to see more-gana, dammit!

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