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Leslie Bibb as ‘Sarah Jane McKinney’ in “Miss Nobody”Watching the American crime comedy Miss Nobody (2010), I couldn’t help thinking of it as the anti-Amélie… there’s something very reminiscent about the colour palette, camera moves, overt quirkiness, and voice-over exposition… even the little smiles that the heroine directs towards the viewer… but instead of a meek waitress finding love and spiritual fulfilment via random acts of kindness, we’re presented with a meek secretary finding love and corporate success via “accidental” acts of murder! Sadly, despite the superficial similarities, it lacks the panache, passion, charm, and humanity that made Jeunet’s masterpiece so beloved and celebrated. This is one of those rather misanthropic and dispiriting “satires” where every character is corrupt and/or inept… and that sour cynicism combined with the glossy cinematography made it very hard for me to tune into this movie. It’s never boring, but it’s never particularly compelling either.

Leslie Bibb as ‘Sarah Jane McKinney’ and Missi Pyle as 'Charmaine' in “Miss Nobody”Apparently Leslie Bibb won “Best Actress” at the Boston Film Festival for her performance in the title role, and I think that award was well earned, because she does give a very entertaining and engaging performance here… even if her character breaks the fourth wall far too often to talk directly to the camera, while the scene freezes around her. Boston also honoured the movie’s cast as a whole, and there are some very talented actresses filling out the ensemble, including Missi Pyle as Sarah Jane’s supportive BFF ‘Charmaine’ and Kathy Baker as her brassy mother, plus Vivica A Fox and Paula Marshall as rival company board members. On the hunkier side of things, you have Brandon Routh and Adam Goldberg as potential love interests, and Barry Bostwick as a dubious priest. Everyone’s on their game here, and a fan of any of these names would probably get something out of the experience… but it’s not a movie that should be at the top of anyone’s to-watch-list.

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