Fox Force Three

I don’t really buy music magazines these days, but I do take a quick look to see who’s on the cover from time to time, and this week I saw that Metal Hammer were offering two free posters with their current issue… one was of some Judas Priest-related artwork, and the other was of a pretty Japanese girl dressed in the Gothic Lolita fashion, simply labelled “BABYMETAL”. “What is Baby Metal?”, I wondered to myself, like the tragically out-of-touch old man I am.

BABYMETAL!!!Well, one quick Wikipedia search later, and I now know that they’re a trio of teenaged J-Pop idols, who sing sweetly over a barrage of death metal backing music, while performing adorably incongruous high-energy dance moves. I’m not sure how tolerable the music would be by itself, but the promo videos are incredibly funny in a “WTF!?” sort of way, and really have to be seen to be believed.

Apparently they’re quite popular around the globe already, and will be supporting Lady Gaga later in the year, after making their live UK debut at the Sonisphere Festival in July… so, er, hopefully the Kitsune fox-god they seem to worship will keep them safe among all those dirty headbangers!

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