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Olivia Wilde as ‘Quorra’ in “Tron: Legacy”[Contains old-timey arcade games and slight SPOILERS!]

I was idly flipping through the TV channels t’other night when I landed on Tron: Legacy (2010), and got sucked into it. Yes, the story was tedious tosh, the dialogue was all gobbledegook, and the “hero” was a dreary little d-bag with poor-little-rich-boy daddy issues, but I was really digging the synth-y Daft Punk soundtrack, and the visuals inside the computer world were utterly mesmerising… I couldn’t tear my ears or eyes away! Well, except for the bits where the digitally “de-aged” Jeff Bridges was onscreen… I mean, it kinda made sense for the villain to look like a creepy computer-generated character, since that’s basically what he was (even though everyone else just looked like normal people with too much make-up on and contacts in), but the supposedly human version in the flashback scenes looked just as creepy! Gave me flashbacks to that godforsaken Galaxy advert. Shudder.

As in many movies about father-son estrangement/bonding, women were shoved to the periphery… in fact there wasn’t a single flesh-and-blood female character with any lines to speak of, only a few fetishised “programs” within the game-world. Nonetheless, Olivia Wilde still managed to steal every scene she was in as ‘Quorra’, an upbeat, wide-eyed naïf with a super-cute Amélie-esque bob! And she kinda kicked butt too… though not consistently enough to avoid needing a life-saving reboot at one point. Not-so-fun-fact: The cast’s fancy glow-in-the-dark costumes were lit with non-rechargeable AA-sized batteries, which burned out after a couple of minutes, and needed to be replaced between every take! While illuminated, the fabric also produced a lot of heat and occasionally gave the actors electric shocks, when it made contact with any exposed skin… which was a particular problem for Wilde, because her costume left more flesh exposed than the men’s! Boo to that.

Beau Garrett as ‘Gem’ in “Tron: Legacy”The only other women featured were femme fatale ‘Gem’, played by Beau Garrett,and her clique of eye-candy armorers, played by Yaya DaCosta, Elizabeth Mathis, and Serinda Swan. Apparently it took “between 3 to 5 hours” to apply their make-up… though a couple of them were models, so I guess they’re used to standing and sitting still for ridiculously long periods of time? Personally, I would have gone postal after the first two hours.

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A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action.
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