GothWatch: Angie (An Art Student)

[Contains square-cut cookies and SPOILERS!!!]

Brenda CanelaI spotted the sixth season of Monk (2008) going cheap in a charity shop, and the promise of unspecified “bonus features” for Sarah Silverman’s big episode was enough to convince me to buy it. Sadly, it turned out that the only extra was a three-minute long “video commentary” (i.e., crappy talking-head clip) by the episode’s writer… so, no deleted scenes or bloopers or anything fun like that. Meh! I still enjoyed rewatching the episode, and seeing Big S doing her crazy-but-cute schtick again… and it only cost me £3-99, so I can’t really complain, can I?

Having sat through the full season, all of my previous criticisms of the show still stand: the jokes don’t make me laugh, the melodrama doesn’t move me, and the crimes are so ludicrous it hurts my brain. One of the dumbest plots involved a murderer paying a highschool jock to date Monk’s assistant’s daughter, because he saw the girl wearing a souvenir T-shirt bearing a (suspiciously off-centre) photo of her and her boyfriend posing at an amusement pier, which also showed him meeting with a secret accomplice in the background at the very same time! So, he was hoping that the jock would seduce the daughter into breaking up with her boyfriend, and throwing away the T-shirt (that she’d sworn she’d wear every day as a sign of her devotion) before anyone could spot it as a clue to expose the crime he’d committed! WTF!!!??? (ep #6.5, “Mr. Monk and the Birds and the Bees“) I’m also a little stunned that they were still dragging out the mystery of who killed Monk’s wife well into the sixth year and beyond… out of curiosity I read the wiki article on her murder to find out who-really-dunnit, and the answer was hilariously underwhelming.

Brenda Canela as ‘Angie’ in “Monk” (S6)But enough griping… let’s get to the good stuff! In ep #6.14 (“Mr. Monk Paints His Masterpiece”), the eponymous detective is encouraged to take up a creative hobby by his therapist, and ends up joining an art class… which is also attended by a cute goth-y chick named ‘Angie’, played by Brenda Canela. We never get to see any of her finished work, only a charcoal landscape in-the-making, but the teacher does compliment her “negative energy”, so that’s quite a recommendation. Sadly, she only gets two lines in the episode, and they don’t do her much credit… first she sucks up to Monk when his paintings start selling for inexplicably high prices… and then she hastily derides him, when the bubble bursts, and the true motivations of the buyer are revealed. That gal has no integrity at all! According to IMDb, Canela has also appeared in an episode of Hannah Montana as a ‘Punk Rock Girl’… and (straight-to-TV prequel) Romy and Michele: In the Beginning as a ‘Hooker’. M’kay.

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