Falls Finished

Jaime Pressly as ‘Jennifer Doyle’ in “Jennifer Falls” (S1)The first season of Jennifer Falls finale’d out last week, but it’s taken me a while to catch up… and I can’t say I was in that much of a hurry about it. The bestie banter between Jaime Pressly and Missi Pyle remained strong throughout, and I appreciated the writers giving Nora Kirkpatrick her own significant sub-plot (and cliff-hanger!), but overall the show seemed to have trouble finding the right gear… or rather, sticking to one of two possible gears. Apparently it was originally conceived as a studio-based multi-camera sitcom, before being converted into a more free-wheelin’ single-camera comedy, and the scripts always seemed to be trying to clumsily bridge the gulf between the two styles. I still think there’s a lot of promise in the premise though, so hopefully the writers will be able to focus in on what worked this time around, and produce material that’s better suited to the skills of their cast.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t help being distracted by Pressly’s striking resemblance to a superheroine called “Power Girl” (or at least her JLE-era incarnation)… with her buff body, sizable bosom, short-cropped blonde hair, and aggressive attitude, she’d be the perfect casting choice! Of course, DC can’t even be bothered making a Wonder Woman movie at this point, so the chances of them working down their roster to PG are fairly slim… but those awesome “guns” of hers should really be lifting burning cars off of injured nuns, not balancing trays of beer glasses!

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