GothWatch: Lydia Deets (with an “S”)

Corri English as ‘Lydia Deets’ in “Runaway Jury”I was idly flicking through the TV channels t’other night when I landed on Runaway Jury (2003), and was lured in by the opening scenes, expecting it to be a smart courtroom drama about a landmark anti-gun case, with lots of back-room skulduggery to spice things up… instead it devolved into an idiotic “thriller”, in which a conniving juror (John Cusack) tried to auction off the verdict to the highest bidder, in collusion with an outside partner (Rachel Weisz). I can’t be bothered getting into specifics, because life’s too short for such silliness… but one of the other jurors was a cute goth-chick named ‘Lydia Deets’, played by Corri English. When I first heard her name spoken aloud it rang a bell in my brain, but I couldn’t place it until I got on the internets and discovered that (spelt with a “Z”) it’s also the name of Winona Ryder’s character in Beetlejuice, aka one of the most iconic and celebrated goth-girls in cinema history! So, even if this had been a good-to-great movie, it would still have lost points for that lazy allusion. Sadly, this Lydia is a very minor character, with only a couple of lines and snarky smirks, who never gets to say or do anything particularly goth-y on screen… besides looking cute in black, of course. Boo!

Fun fact: In real-life, English is actually the upbeat, blonde-haired lead singer of a country band called “Brokedown Cadillac”, who had several songs featured on the soundtrack of Race to Witch Mountain.

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