The Short Arm Of The Law

Ellen Page and Kata Mara as “Tiny Detectives”Funny Or Die has posted a trailer for a fake crime series title Tiny Detectives, starring Ellen Page (5’1”) and Kata Mara (5’2”) as the eponymous, pint-sized police ladies. The jokes are all pretty broad and slapsticky (SPOILER: They even do the old two-short-people-dressed-as-a-tall-man-in-an-overcoat gag!), but they’re also very amusing… and Page often comes across as very serious and cerebral in her films (even the comedies), so it’s nice to see her being silly and making fun of herself for a change.

I’d have to disagree with the people who suggest this should be extended into an actual series, because I don’t really think it has the legs for that… but as a one-off skit, it’s frickin’ ADORABLE!

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