Quasi-GothWatch: Sammi (TMoL)

Kahyun Kim as ‘Sammi’ in “The Mysteries of Laura” (S1)There’s going to be a lot of good shows returning over the next few weeks, so hopefully I’ll be able to ween myself off hate-watching The Mysteries of Laura… but for now, I’m still enjoying the way it makes my blood boil. To be fair, the cases have gotten a lot better over the last two weeks… but considering this series started with the stupidest crime ever committed in a police procedural (even a comedic one), it really had nowhere to go but up on that score. Meanwhile, ‘Detective Laura Diamond’ (Debra Messing) remains one of the most hateful (supposedly sympathetic) heroines I’ve ever encountered.

Last week’s episode introduced ‘Sammi’ (Kahyun Kim), a slightly gothy-looking protestor who’s written as a broad stereotype of an over-zealous agitator… in fact, clothing aside, she could easily be mistaken for a cartoon-y hippie from a crappy 70s sitcom! This week she started work as Laura’s babysitter, looking after the sociopathic hellspawn masquerading as barely-human offspring… and despite running numerous invasive background checks on the girl beforehand, Laura also insisted that her underling ‘Max’ (Max Jenkins) take time off from work to swing by her house and check up on how everything was going. Not once, but twice! Naturally Sammi got sick of this, and stormed out of the house on Laura’s return, reminding the kids to “promote racial equality… and recycle!” as she went, as if these noble sentiments were just a cheap throwaway punchline that the writers thought everyone would get a chuckle out of.

Kahyun Kim as ‘Sammi’ in “The Mysteries of Laura” (S1)In a later scene, while bribing Sammi into taking her shitty babysitting gig back, Laura admitted right to the girl’s face that she still didn’t trust her, before reproaching Sammi for her “misplaced political babble”, and angrily demanding sympathy as a working mother… because this entire show is predicated on the premise that the problems of a priveleged white woman trying to “have it all” are more important than anyone else’s issues… more important than the entire world’s issues, in fact! GAH!!!

[Note: This week’s murder case revolved around a biker bar favoured by “rebels and rejects”, that Laura supposedly frequented back in the day, and featured two actresses (Polly Draper and Juliana Aiden) playing black-clad “biker chicks”… but their tattoos were so freshly-drawn and fakey, I can’t be bothered trying to get screencaps…]

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