“Kneel Before Helga!!!”

[Contains unhelpful hummus and SPOILERS!!]

Dove Cameron as ‘Helga Rooney’ in “Liv and Maddie” (S2)The second season of Liv and Maddie kicked off a couple weeks back with a reliably rib-tickling (and sniffle-inducing) opener… and this week it delivered a suitably spooky (if slightly early) Halloween-themed episode. Hurrah!

In a classic Twilight Zone-style scenario, an exasperated Maddie makes the mistake of wishing that she and Liv hadn’t been born twins, while wearing a powerful magickal amulet with a cruel sense of humour. Reality is then altered as the amulet conjures up a crazy triplet for them named ‘Helga’ (also played by Dove Cameron, wearing goth-y make-up and bird’s-nest bunches), with a growly “European” accent and Carrie-esque powers, which she uses to give psychokinetic wedgies to those who disobey her maniacal demands! In the end it turns out the whole thing was a hypno-therapy-induced-nightmare, of course… but it was a lot of fun while it lasted!

I also have to give the writers props for keeping Maddie’s leg-brace on for so long, and exploring how her character has adjusted to life without basketball. I was fine with them finally freeing her for this episode, but apparently that was all part of the dream too, so her torturous time-out continues…

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