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Cristin Milioti as ‘Zelda Vasco’ in “A to Z”I can’t imagine the cast and crew of A to Z are having a very happy Halloween after learning that their show has been cancelled, due to dangerously low ratings… although there’s some solace in knowing that the eight remaining episodes of season one will air as scheduled. Personally, I’m still having trouble warming to the main characters’ best-friends, who behave like needy children most of the time, but the rest of the supporting cast are amusing enough, and I’m still soppy for the central premise… though it now seems that we won’t be charting the course of their relationship from beginning to end as promised. Boo! I guess it’s still possible that a late surge in viewers could earn them a reprieve… right?

Meanwhile, NBC has chosen to award a full season order to The Mysteries of Laura, despite the fact it’s a steaming pile of cow-dung, BECAUSE THEY HATE LOVE!!!

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