Rubbish Robots From Beyond The Grave

[Contains cyber-selfies and SPOILERS!!!]

Michelle Gomez as ‘Missy’ in “Doctor Who” (S8)I managed to stick with the eighth series of Doctor Who for a couple episodes before the Michelle Gomez cameos dwindled and apathy set in… but I made an effort to watch the final two episodes, and thoroughly enjoyed all of her scenes as the maniacal ‘Missy’. In hindsight, it seems obvious that she’d turn out to be The Doctor’s eternal nemesis, “The Master”, regenerated in female form… but I didn’t guess earlier, so it still came as an amusing twist. Obviously I have a long-standing fondness for Gomez’s crazy-eyed antics, so I thought she made a very hiss-worthy (and frequently hilarious) villainess here, and a great foil for Peter Capaldi… heck, I might even consider buying the action figure, if they make one!

That said, I thought the actual story around her was total poppycock… I mean, I can accept a radioactive satellite falling to Earth and causing the dead to rise from their graves as zombies… but a data-cloud of deceased souls stored in another dimension being spread by exploding Cybermen, which then rains down “dark water” that returns the souls to their former bodies, along with a cyber-particle that turns them all into shiny new Cybermen!? Oy vey!

The finale also featured short-lived cameos by Ingrid Oliver as geek-girl ‘Osgood’, and Sanjeev Bhaskar as ‘General Ahmed’, so that was fun for me. Oh, and both episodes were directed by Rachel Talalay, who I always associate with the unfaithful Tank Girl adaptation, though she’s also worked on shows like Ally McBeal (4 episodes) and Hiccups (1 episode), among others.

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