“The Dingo Ate Your Baby!”

[Contains cantaloupe cubes and SPOILERS!!!]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as ‘Elaine Benes’ in “Seinfeld” (S2)The second season of Seinfeld (1991) was a relatively short one, with only thirteen episodes*, but it did contain some classic Lainey moments, such as her first “Get out!” shove (ep #2.5 “The Apartment”), conspiring with George to slip his former boss “a mickey” (#2.7 “The Revenge”), and frantically attempting to pack an unwelcome house-guest’s luggage and get him out of the city in record time (#2.12 “The Busboy”). Weirdly, in that episode’s “Inside Look” featurette, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is very critical of how she played the packing scene, and wishes she could go back to reshoot it… but I think she’s fantastic, so shush to her. This season also introduced Elaine’s intimidating father ‘Alton Benes’, played by Lawrence Tierney (#2.3 “The Jacket”)… and while everyone praises the actor’s performance, they also suggest that off-camera he was (as JLD puts it) a bit of a “nutjob”. An incident involving a stolen kitchen knife from the set of Jerry’s apartment left everyone very nervous around him, and he was never invited back to reprise his role… which is a shame (from my selfish perspective) because we see a lot of Jerry and George’s families over the years, and precious little of Elaine’s. Even more momentously, the finale sees Jerry and Elaine negotiating what would now be called a “friendship with benefits”, before resuming a full-blown romantic relationship (#2.9 “The Deal”). Swoon! They actually do make a very cute couple, and George’s giddy enthusiasm for them was very sweet… but it would have been a very different show if they’d stayed together long-term, so I can’t say I’ll be too broken-hearted to see them both back on the singles market in the next season.

Margaret Reed as ‘Mary’ in “Seinfeld” (S2)Once again, there weren’t many notable supporting actresses here… I mean, plenty attractive women who played their parts well, but none who went on to become household names. That said, I did enjoy Margaret Reed’s intense turn as a scorned one-night-stand of Jerry’s, who confronts him at a party (#2.10 “The Baby Shower”)… and Siobhan Fallon’s debut as Tina’s musical-loving room-mate ‘Linda’ in the finale was fun too. According to IMDb, Lauren Bowles appeared as an uncredited extra in ep #2.5 as a ‘Blonde Longhaired Woman’ (presumably during a party scene?), but I can’t say I spotted her.

Oh, this set also included my fave easter-egg of the series, with a hidden Inside Look at an unaired episode called “The Bet”, which revolved around Elaine buying a handgun! Larry Charles wrote the script, and it got as far as a table-reading with the cast, but JLD (among others) was very uncomfortable with the material, and it never went any further than that. Interesting stuff, though.


* Technically “The Stranded” was produced as part of this season, and is included in this boxset, even though it actually aired as part of the third season (#3.10)… where it had to be preceded by a special introduction warning viewers about major continuity errors, such as George still working at the real estate office he’d previously stormed out of!

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