Tink About It

Tink and Alexis Krauss for the “That Did It” promo videoSleigh Bells infected me with another ear-worm this week, via “That Did It”, a one-off single featuring guest vocals by Tink, a talented young rapper who opened for the band at the SXSW festival. According to the lady herself: “That was my first time performing for that type of crowd. You knew they were there for Sleigh Bells, so it was a different energy and a different vibe… but there was so much love. They accepted me. We had a good-ass time.” As for how this collaboration came about: “[Sleigh Bells] hit us up and said they wanted to get in the studio and of course, you know I’m all for expanding. It’s not good to stay in the same circle [of artists]. You have to change, evolve and grow. They wanted to get in the studio and here we are in New York. We laid down a hot one. The track is an uptempo… it’s so fun. I love it. It’s different, but good.” Amen to that!

[Note: There’s a an odd glitch about halfway through the video where it cuts from Tink and Alexis Krauss dancing away in slinky outfits to a multi-coloured test card bearing the words “Derek One Shot”. That confused the hell out of me until I realised that Derek (Miller) is the male half of Sleigh Bells, and that “glitch” was actually a joke about his lack of coverage in the clip! Considering how awesome the ladies looked in their shots, I wonder how many viewers would have noticed his absence without it?]

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