Quasi-GothWatch: Vanden

Catherine Black as ‘Vanden’ in “American Psycho”I don’t think there are many movie-buffs who’d disagree that American Psycho (2000) is far superior to its cash-in sequel… in part because the latter was a generic “killing to get ahead” story of ruthless ambition, while the former is a biting satire of a very specific breed of vapid, vainglorious, and sociopathic Suit, who kills out of petty jealousy and primal bloodlust, rather than to achieve any long-term professional ambitions. It also has Christian Bale as its leading man, giving a fantastically gung-ho (and often very funny) performance as ‘Patrick Bateman’, a wealthy investment banker prone to delivering blandly disarming pop-culture diatribes being hacking up his victims. According to the film’s director and co-writer Mary Harron, Bale modelled his interpretation of the character on Tom Cruise, after seeing the actor on the David Letterman show and noting that he had a “very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes”. How flattering!

Catherine Black as ‘Vanden’ in “American Psycho”Sadly for the purposes of this blog, there aren’t really any strong or significant female characters in the movie… although I thought Cara Seymour was very sympathetic as ‘Christie’, a rather gullible prostitute that Bateman picks up and tortures a couple times. Meanwhile, Bateman’s fiancée ‘Evelyn Williams’ (played by Reese Witherspoon) does have a cute goth-y cousin named ‘Vanden’, who shares a short dinner scene with the main characters. She’s played by Catherine Black, who also has such roles as “Goth Girl” (Stay Cool) and “Military Jacket Girl” (Loser) listed on her resume, and was recently cast as the “Dark Goddess Lisette Jarreau” in an upcoming supernatural drama series titled Gypsi. So, snaps to her.


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