Cunk It Up II: The Glamouring

Diane Morgan all gussied-up for “Charlie Brooker's 2014 Wipe”Arch-curmudgeon Charlie Brooker returned last night with a typically hilarious and/or depressing round-up of the past year’s notable news stories, in his 2014 Wipe… which ended, rather atypically, with a full-on musical number! Specifically, a Blockhead-backed cover of Ian Dury’s “Reasons to be Cheerful”, retitled “Reasons to be Fearful”, detailing all of the soul-crushing cruelty and chaos that kicked off over the previous twelve months. But just as my bitter chuckles died down and grim despair began to grip my heart, they cut to a short sequence of Diane Morgan vamping it up in a shiny gown, and suddenly I was all smiles again! What a tragically simple monkey-brain I have… so easily distracted by the sight of a beautiful woman in a fancy frock!

Diane Morgan all gussied-up for “Charlie Brooker's 2014 Wipe”To take the curse off my shameless objectification of Ms. Morgan, I should also point out that she was very funny throughout the show, and delivered some great lines in character as prattling-head-for-hire ‘Philomena Cunk’… such as her 12-Years-a-Slave-inspired observation that “These days America’s changed and black people can be whatever they want to be… as long as it’s either President or shot.” Sigh…

Ah well, Happy New Year to anyone who happens to stop by and read this post… and here’s hoping that 2015 is a little less horrible than its predecessor!

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A comic-book writer with an interest in philosophy, equality, and diversity. He/him.
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