“Everything Gets Slated On The Internet”

Maisie Williams as ‘Casey’ in “Cyberbully”When I set my DVR to record Ch4’s Cyberbully (2015), I assumed it was going to be a true-life drama about a teenage girl dealing with online abuse… instead it turned out to be a slightly hackneyed morality-tale horror/thriller about a teenage girl being tempted and taunted by a demon-in-the-machine, who forces her to face the damage done by her own thoughtless comments and actions… kinda like a post-millennial An Inspector Calls (“An Inspector Tweets”?). The plot was pretty predictable and the dialogue was a bit naff in spots… but I was drawn in by the performances of Maisie Williams (in the lead role as a spiky-but-vulnerable girl suffering from depression) and Haruka Abe (as a seemingly confident girl with a heart-breaking tale to tell), and ultimately found the piece very moving. It also made me extremely glad that the internet didn’t exist when I was a teenager, because lord knows what I would have posted on YouTube back in my drama-student days!

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A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action. He/him.
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