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Not Dead Yet! [Victory Lap]

Good news, everyone! The L7 Pretend We’re Dead Kickstarter campaign reached its funding target of $97,000 with several days to spare, and has been slurping up the gravy ever since… finishing with over $130,000 in the kitty! I’m proud to say … Continue reading

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Today’s Special: “Sleater-Skinney Low-Fat Flame Grrrl-illed Chicken Burger with Portlandia Pickles”

Question: What could be better than a new Sleater-Kinney single? Answer: A new Sleater-Kinney single with a video set in the world of Bob’s Burgers, of course! I do love it when two of my obsessions overlap, so seeing the … Continue reading

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Helter Skelter 5: Children Of The Grave

[Contains incriminating irons and SPOILERS!!!] I was (figuratively) wetting myself with excitement when I saw the first two episodes of the fifth season of Spiral (aka: Engrenages) (2014) listed in my TV guide… but the weight of expectation rather sunk … Continue reading

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Dear Reader…

(Because I don’t have anyone else to send one to… sniffle…)

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Good Peacock To You!

[Contains tearful goodbyes and SPOILERS!!!] Finally got around to picking up the seventh (and final) season of 30 Rock (2012), and even though I’m sad that it’s over now, I was glad to see that they went out in a … Continue reading

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Extremely Nigh

Having recently made my peace with the idea that zombies can come in a variety of states and speeds, I thought it would be a good time to revisit 28 Days Later (2002)… a post-apocalyptic horror flick set in this … Continue reading

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Although I’m a big fan of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Nahnatchka Khan’s new sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat, since it’s “inspired by” the autobiography of a celebrity chef I’ve never … Continue reading

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Who’s The Dummy?

I’ve been listening to the original 10-track version of Portishead’s astonishing debut album Dummy (1994) for nearly twenty years now*… but I didn’t realise until this very morning that the CD was later re-released with an eleventh track, titled “It’s … Continue reading

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