Who’s The Dummy?

Portishead’s astonishing debut album "Dummy" (1994)I’ve been listening to the original 10-track version of Portishead’s astonishing debut album Dummy (1994) for nearly twenty years now*… but I didn’t realise until this very morning that the CD was later re-released with an eleventh track, titled “It’s A Fire”!

My friends may disagree, but I happen to think the band’s first album was far superior to their Third, so it’s exciting to discover a whole new song from that era that I’ve never heard before… though the previous running order is burned into my brain from countless hungover “chillout sessions”, so I couldn’t bear to insert it at No. 6, where it’s supposed to go… I’ll just slap it on at the end like a bonus track instead!

In conclusion, hallelujah for The Internets!


* Lordy, I’m old… “When I was a lad, we didn’t have digital downloads… our music was carved into stones discs, which were played by a pointy-beaked bird on a hand-cranked tuntable…”

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