Scully & The Stig

Gillian Anderson with ‘The Stig’ ala “Top Gear” (3/15)As an eco-conscious lefty, who’s never even taken a driving lesson let alone owned a car, I really shouldn’t have the slightest interest in an unenlightened motoring show like Top Gear… but the truth is that it’s not only one of the funniest comedy shows the BBC produces these days, it’s also their most consistently entertaining and picturesque travel show!

That said, I often drift a little during the track tests, and normally take a quick toilet break during their “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment… but this week, they actually had a Star worth sticking around for: Gillian Anderson! She can sometimes come off as quite scary and severe on-screen, because of the characters she tends to play, but she was absolutely adorable here, relaxing into the couch, casually turning the air blue, and joking with Jeremy Clarkson. Unlike a lot of big-name guests, she didn’t seem to be there to promote anything in particular… besides her own awesomeness, I guess. Swoon!

SPOILER: She also scored the fastest wet (moist?) track time of the series, and was awarded the unofficial title of “most improved”, after her record-breaking 22 practice laps!

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