“Can A Ship Sidle?”

Diane Morgan in “Drunk History” UK (S1)As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of the Drunk History concept, but when I discovered that Comedy Central had made a British version featuring Diane Morgan and Tiff Stevenson as drunk-historians, I had to check it out! Sadly, it was hard to find all the episodes online, but I have seen a couple, and enjoyed them a lot more than I expected to. It was fun to see Morgan in a more casual mode, flubbing her lines and laughing her head off over Lady Godiva… though, conversely, Stevenson seemed a lot sterner than usual, during her segment on Henry VIII.

Surprisingly, my fave contributor turned out to be Kerry Howard, a comedy actress whose previous work has largely passed me by*… but she really threw herself into the role of story-teller here, and her segments on Queen Victoria/Prince Albert and Blackbeard were laugh-out-loud hilarious. She’s got a very dirty mind/mouth, bless ‘er.


* That’s totally my fault/loss, of course… she’s best known for her recurring role in BBC3’s BAFTA-winning sitcom Him & Her, which also netted her a “Best Female Performance” nomination in 2014.

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