“Discriminating Discrimination”

Eleanor Bron as ‘Sarah Harrison’ in “Yes Minister” (S3)Last night I watched an episode of Yes Minister (#3.1, “Equal Opportunities”) guest-starring Eleanor Bron as an Under-Secretary the show’s “hero”, ‘Jim Hacker’, was intent on promoting as part of his push to encourage greater equality in all branches of government. This lead to an awful lot of hot-air being expelled, as the Old Boys paid limp lip-service to the “principle” that there should be more women in senior positions… just not in their particular department, because of reasons. SPOILER: In the end, nothing was accomplished, and the status quo endured, unabated! This is the sort of satire that I can laugh at while I’m watching it, because it’s very well-written and played… but afterwards I feel slightly depressed, because it’s a little too close to the sad truth of how our country is still being “governed”, over thirty years since this episode first aired! On the upside, Bron was excellent (as always), dryly delivering several clever gags and stealing all her scenes before striding off into the (private sector) sunset…

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