No Shhh-Boom?

T’other day a friend of mine was scoffing about all the bands from the 90s that are reforming for reunion tours this year… which is fine by me, because a lot of my faves broke-out during that decade, so I’m glad to see them making a comeback… and now we can add infamous agit-pop-duo Daphne & Celeste to that list!

Daphne & Celeste ala ‘You And I Alone’I must admit, when I first watched the video for their new single, ‘You And I Alone’, I felt rather deflated. Of course, they’re too old to be acting like snotty, chipmunk-voiced cheerleaders now… but this song seemed to be sorely lacking the humour, energy, and attack that made their debut album (We Didn’t Say That!) so funny and addictive. Then I watched it again a couple hours later, free of expectations and pre-conceptions, and it started to worm its way into my brain. Taken on its own merits, the tune has a certain quirky, low-key charm… the lyrics are a little nonsensical, but the chorus is quite catchy, in an innocuous sort of way… and you have to give them (and/or instigator Max Tundra) kudos for the random Twin Peaks reference at the end!*

I’m also happy to report that D&C still give great interviews, and look cuter than a thousand buttons, so let’s hope that this is more than just a one-off re-appearance…


* At first I misheard it as “Leland Palmer is a dork”, but then I worked out they were saying “Leland Palmer in the dark”… which is much scarier, obviously.

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