The Other Stark Girl

Sophie Turner as ‘Sansa Stark’ in “Game Of Thrones” (S4)After completing Buzzfeed’s super-scientific and incontrovertible test to identify my “Game of Thrones Soulmate” (Caution: The quiz contains S4 SPOILERS!!!), my heart sank when I found myself matched with ‘Sansa Stark’. Although I’ve never actively “hated” the character, I have been pretty apathetic about her, because I generally watch the show for its dark humour and kick-ass action, and Sansa is neither particularly funny, nor particularly active.

Nonetheless, this result inspired me to go back and read a recent pro-Sansa post over on the Bitch Media site, which I’d skipped when it first appeared… and I have to say, I found the author’s argument quite compelling. Actress Sophie Turner has also made some interesting observations on her alter-ego’s attributes: “I think the strong thing about Sansa is the fact that she doesn’t fight. Fighting alone can be seen as a very strong thing to do, but the fact that she doesn’t fight and she doesn’t strike back is probably her best trait. Having to resist the urge to fight back – which, you know, I’m sure she has – is in itself one of the best things about her. In that sense, she’s very strong, and she’s very strong-willed, and she has willpower.” [1] “People don’t like Sansa because she is feminine. It annoys me that people only like the feminine characters when they act like male characters. And they always go on about feminism. Like, you’re rooting for the people who look like boys, who act like boys, who fight like boys. Root for the girls who wear dresses and are intellectually very strong.” [2]

Fair play… and there are certainly signs that Sansa has become a tougher contender since her fairy tale turned sour… so maybe I’ll watch her scenes with a little more appreciation from now on!


[1]  RollingStoneGame of Thrones Q&A: Sophie Turner on Sansa Stark’s Survival Skills

[2] TV Guide – Defending Sansa: Why Game of Thrones Girly Girl Is The Hero We Need


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  1. Sansa is actually pretty cheeky to Joffrey during Season 2 in particular, especially before the Battle of Blackwater.

    • deecrowseer says:

      I think if I’d watched her storyline in isolation, I’d be more appreciative of how much strength and humour she’s shown over the years… but I was distracted by all the dragons and face-changing assassins! That said, she’s outlived so many other characters, and survived so many horrific situations, she definitely deserves more respect.

      • I agree completely with your sentiment of Sansa’s story having more of interest if it was standalone. I think people would appreciate Dany’s story more as well, or at least be more patient with her as she moves forward at her own pace.

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