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Sarah Millican circa 2011A new comment on an old post about Mel Hudson reminded me that a lot of great radio comedies are being repeated throughout the year, and posted for “off-air” listening via the BBC iPlayer. Besides revisiting The Hudson and Pepperdine Show, I’ve also been working my way through the second series of Sarah Millican’s Support Group (2011)… and thoroughly enjoying it, even if the concept was a little confusing at first.

Basically, Sarah Millican presents as herself, while Ruth Bratt and Simon Day play fictional (and totally unqualified) counsellors, who advise a succession of fictional guests on how to overcome their various problems… which are then used as a jumping-off point, to encourage (real) audience members to share their own tangentially-related anecdotes. Millican makes for a very warm and witty hostess, with Bratt and Day contributing some great gags (both scripted and unscripted) along the way, and a wealth of talented ladies popping by to portray the weekly guests… including Bridget Christie, Isabel Fay, Annie Aldington, Anna Crilly, Isy Suttie and Diane Morgan!

Speaking of whom, Radio4 are currently re-running the second series of Two Episodes of Mash (2012), a sketch show she wrote and performed with Joe Wilkinson. Besides being very funny, it also demonstrates the major benefit of being on the radio… a medium that allows Morgan and Wilkinson to portray a variety of talking animals (such as spiders complaining about their webs being hoovered away, or fish discussing the dubious appeal of a worm-baited hook), as well as talking humans!

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