Monkey Wipers

Esther Smith as ‘Charlotte Guthrie’ in “Ballot Monkeys” (S1)I can’t say I’m happy with the election results (and I did vote, so I can complain!), but I take some comfort in the fact that all the campaign hoopla provided plenty material for two topical satirical shows:

Ballot Monkeys went out in a blaze of glory, with various bus-based breakdowns and face-offs… the funniest of which was probably ‘Martin’ (Hugh Dennis) hate-humping/fighting an inflatable effigy of Boris Johnson… but I also enjoyed seeing ‘Christine’ (Daisy Haggard) unleashing her pent-up frustration at ‘Melanie’ (Kathleen Rose Perkins), and gleefully revealing the sad fate of the perky consultant’s stuffed-toy sidekick, Gonk. Meanwhile, ‘Charlotte’ (Esther Smith) grew more adorable with every episode, as she valiantly struggled to talk the slowly-unravelling ‘Kevin’ (Ben Miller) down from a metaphorical ledge, and then off the literal bus. Bless her. Major kudos to the entire cast and crew for pulling the whole thing off with such aplomb… shame there won’t be a second series anytime soon!

Diane Morgan as ‘Philomena Cunk’ in “Charlie Brooker’s Election Wipe” (2015)Not to be outdone, BBC2 treated us to an hour-long Election Wipe special, courtesy of Charlie Brooker and his cohorts/colleagues. Morgana Robinson returned as “truevolutionist” Russell Brand, in a terrifying Twilight Zone-style vision of his first 100 days in office (in the unlikely event that everyone followed his advice not to vote, and he somehow became Prime Minister by default!)… Catriona Knox cannily deconstructed typical election coverage as “generic reporter” ‘Emily Surname’… and Diane Morgan/‘Philomena Cunk’ retained her crown as the show’s reigning MVP, gesticulating her way through a green-screened wonderland of confusing computer graphics, and befuddling viewers with a dubious lesson on the history of Democracy. Example: “According to Google Translate, ‘Magma Carta’ is Latin for ‘cardboard volcano’.” Riiight…

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