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Diane Morgan on “Have I Got News for You” (4/15)Last week’s instalment of Two Episodes of Mash was pre-empted by the election coverage (boo!), so this week 4Extra compensated listeners by broadcasting three short chats between Diane Morgan and Ian Hislop, in the wake of their appearance together on Have I Got News for You a couple weeks back.

To be honest, I didn’t mention that show at the time because I was a little disappointed by Morgan’s (seemingly) rather subdued contributions… but in The Comedy Club Interviews she confesses that, as a long-time fan of the satirical news quiz, she was either too terrified to speak up, or too busy watching the other guests to participate herself! Bless. This revelation inspired me to review the episode on the BBC’s iPlayer, and second time around I could see she actually made several very good jokes/observations, and scored some big laughs… so, nuts to me!

Besides that, Morgan has a great rapport with Hislop in these clips, and makes for a very engaged and informed interviewer, as they discuss topics as diverse as Peter Cook, World War I, not-being-Welsh, and Danny Kaye’s The Court Jester! All in all, a very charming and funny conversation to listen-in on.

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