Happy Blur’d Day!

It’s been a few years since my last b-day-based blog post, so I figured it was time to see if there had been any more recent additions to the June 7th honour roll… and the highest new entry on IMDb’s “STARmeter” (second only to Liam Neeson!) is Anglo-American actress-turned-model Emily Ratajkowski, who first came to public prominence performing in the promo video for Robin Thicke’s controversial hit single “Blurred Lines” (2013).

Emily Ratajkowski (circa 2014)In an interview with Esquire magazine, Ratajkowski insisted that she didn’t consider the video to be sexist: “I really appreciate the people who watch out for that stuff, and I’m sensitive to those sort of things. On the surface level, the naked women dancing, I understand that can be perceived that way. But we’re directed to have a sort of confidence, a sarcastic attitude about the whole situation. That eye contact and that attitude really puts us in a power situation. The director, Diane Martel, is a woman, and so is the DP. We really worked on that and tried to convey that in the video. The way we are annoying them, being playful and having a good time with our body – it’s something very important for young women today to have that confidence. I think it’s actually celebrating women and their bodies.” As I’ve said before, I don’t think sarcasm or irony really register in the male brain when we’re looking at sexy/naked ladies… but Ratajkowski’s clearly an intelligent young woman making conscious choices regarding when/where/how to exploit her God-given assets, so more power to her.

Since breaking-out she’s also appeared in David Fincher’s Gone Girl… which I haven’t watched yet, much to my own chagrin. Considering how much I like mystery stories in general, and Fincher’s work in particular, I’m a little embarrassed by how many of his flicks I still haven’t seen… since Panic Room, anyway. Shame on me!


About Dee CrowSeer

A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action.
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