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Lucy from “Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil”Trawling through the “refurbished” DVDs in my local Poundland, I chanced upon a copy of Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil (2007)… which I would’ve happily picked up for the title alone, but I also knew that the show shared a significant amount of creative DNA with Bob’s Burgers, which made it a must-buy in my book!

First the premise: This computer-animated comedy centres on the relationship between the eponymous Anti-Christ – a 21-year-old art student/slacker living in San Francisco – and her father The Devil, who keeps interfering in her life by setting her up on blind-dates with powerful politicos who could help her fulfil her infernal destiny, and siccing hell-hounds on boyfriends he considers unsuitable… such as a rather familiar-looking D.J./street-magician/escapologist named “Jesus”. Meanwhile, a pair of “Special Fathers” and a psychotic “Special Sister” are on a Vatican-approved quest to identify and destroy Lucy, using ancient religious artefacts and high-powered modern weaponry. Uh-oh!

Lucy from “Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil”As for the connections to Bob’s Burgers: The show was created/written/produced by Loren Bouchard, who serves much the same function on BB’s… some episodes were also co-written by Holly Schlesinger who went on to work as a writer/co-producer on BB’s… ‘The Devil’, ‘Special Father #1’, and various other characters were voiced by H. Jon Benjamin (aka ‘Bob’ in BB’s), who also received a consultant credit for the series… ‘Special Sister Mary’ was voiced by Eugene Mirman, who voices ‘Gene’ in BB’s… ‘Lucy’ and The Devil’s assistant/advocate ‘Becky’ were voiced by Melissa Bardin Galsky*, who went on to provide various character voices in BB’s, while also working as a “production co-ordinator” for several episodes… and the story-specific title sequences (as well as various in-episode special FX) were hand-crafted by Nora Smith, who is now a writer/story editor/producer on BB’s!

Lucy from “Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil”Of course, the tone of LtDotD is a lot darker than BB’s, with bleeped-out swearing, bloody violence, and horrific imagery… and the animation/artwork seems a lot cheaper/cruder here… but I think the two shows are still recognisable as relatives, with a similar sense of humour (albeit taken to a more irreverent and profane extreme in LtDotD). As a fan of Satanic horror flicks, I found this show very funny, and I enjoyed all the references and parodies… but I’m also kinda glad it got cancelled, so that Bouchard & Co. could move on to bringing the Belcher family to life…


* In the pilot ‘Lucy’ was voiced by Jessi Klein, who has since gone on to write for Samantha Who?, Michael & Michael Have Issues., Kroll Show (S1), and is now head writer and executive producer for Inside Amy Schumer!

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