Quasi-Goth/PunkWatch: Madeline Blue (Again)

Madeline Blue as 'Cure Punk' in "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp" (S1)I’m only halfway through FX’s Wet Hot American Summer prequel series, First Day of Camp, but I just wanted to stop and give a shout-out to Madeline Blue… aka “Cure Girl” from the original movie. Although all the adult cast members had returned to reclaim their roles as “teenaged” counsellors, the children attending the camp were being played by actual child-actors again, so I assumed that Blue and her fellow “indoor kids” had been forgotten… but then they rocked up in ep #1.4 as older, trouble-making “punk” versions of their earlier characters, hassling the owner of a store, and inadvertently angering a bad-ass government assassin! It’s quite a short scene, but Blue got to make fun of Jon Hamm, and once again demonstrate her attention-grabbing comic energy, so I think her fans will enjoy it. I know I did!

Note: While idly Googling for images, I also found a website selling WHAS T-shirts… some of which are modelled by actual cast members, including Blue herself!

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