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Poster for the Paloma Faith competition I entered, but didn't win... (8/15)Although I greatly enjoyed watching Paloma Faith’s Glastonbury set on TV t’other week, I couldn’t help thinking that I’d much rather see her singing in an intimate club setting, than on a festival stage. Apparently the marketing peeps at MasterCard read my mind, and immediately launched a competition that would allow a couple hundred fans to get (a little more) up-close-and-personal with Paloma, at an exclusive showcase in London. When I discovered that the gig was taking place at The Savoy Hotel, a short walk from Waterloo Station, and that the train company was running a special summer promo that would allow me to get there and back for just twenty quid, I started getting very excited about the whole endeavour. In fact, I even started looking around for a fancy new outfit to buy, fearing that I’d feel shamefully scruffy in my more typical jeans/t-shirt/trainers combo (in the past Paloma has spoken out quite strongly against dressing for comfort!).

Meanwhile, I also learned that my pay-as-you-go “cash card” (issued by Orange, but handled by MasterCard) would soon become defunct, so this seemed like a great opportunity to send it out in style. Spookily enough, when I went into my local EE (née Orange) branch to confirm that the cards were being phased out, one of Paloma’s songs* was playing over the in-store speaker, which I took as a very encouraging omen! It really seemed like the stars were aligning in my favour, and that the “romance and adventure” promised by my August horoscope would actually come to pass! The only thing standing between me and an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime evening of music, glamour, and idolatry was… well, all the other entrants, obviously!

As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post (and the accompanying graphic), I didn’t win. Tonight I’ll be sat at home, watching a DVD, listening to the rain against my window, and occasionally scowling up at the poster of Paloma that hangs on the wall over this very computer, mocking me, like a much cuter version of Edgar Allan Poe’s eponymous raven. “Nevermore!” Sigh…

Ah well, congratulations to all the lucky winners, whoever they may be… I hope the weather is kind to them, and that the “complimentary refreshments” are plentiful!


* “Leave While I’m Not Looking”, in case you’re curious.

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