In Defence Of The Throne

Elizabeth Gillies as ‘Gigi’ in “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” (S1)There’s nothing that inflames my nerd-rage faster than someone misrepresenting or making ill-informed jokes about Game of Thrones*… even when that someone happens to be a fictional character! Last week I watched an episode of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (#1.8) that featured a brief discussion of the show… while avid viewer ‘Flash’ (John Corbett) described it as a “medieval drama”, casual critic ‘Ava’ (Elaine Hendrix) dismissed it as “Middle Earth porn”, and ‘Gigi’ (Elizabeth Gillies) seemed to be under the impression that the dramatis personae included an “evil midget”. I guess if someone had skimmed some scenes from the Season Four finale completely out of context, they could conceivably confuse ‘Tyrion’ for a baddie… but generally speaking he’s one of the most moral, compassionate, and upstanding characters in the show’s cast… and there are plenty more genuinely evil a-holes (such as the Boltons or the Freys) to contrast him with, so “Feh!” to that! As I say though, Ava and Gigi are sitcom characters, so it’s easy to forgive their ignorance…

Emily Cox as ‘Brida’ in “The Last Kingdom” (S1)Rather more maddening is The Independent’s preview of an upcoming BBC series, The Last Kingdom, which compares the two shows, and implies that all Game of Thrones fans are interested in (besides old-timey settings and political wrangling) is nudity and gore. Gah! Obviously sex and violence are a big part of the show’s DNA, but so are the compelling/complex characters, brilliant performances, clever plotting, witty banter, dark humour, shocking twists, heart-wrenching tragedy, fantastical creatures, and supernatural horror. I’ve found that reviewers tend to overlook those elements when they’re touting shows like Camelot and The White Queen as possible substitutes for GoT, during its lengthy off-season… even though, imho, those aspects are far more important to the show’s enduring appeal than the “Middle Earth porn” stuff that superficial types often identify with the series. For all I know, The Last Kingdom could turn out to be a great show in its own right… but I seriously doubt that it’s going to scratch all of the itches that GoT does…


* I don’t have a problem with people critiquing or making fun of the show, because it certainly isn’t perfect, but I do get pissed off when people make fun of what they assume or imagine the show is, rather than what it actually is.

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  1. Completely on board with your rage. I enjoy the show, and I enjoy informed criticism of the show, but not half-baked uninformed nopinions.

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