Plausible Lies

[Contains a ream of onion-skin paper and SPOILERS!!!]

This week’s episode of Radio 4’s The Unbelievable Truth (#15.4) was a rather remarkable one… aside from the fact that all four competing panellists were female, one of said ladies also happened to be the host/scorekeeper’s wife!

Victoria Coren MitchellComedians Sarah Millican, Holly Walsh and Katherine Ryan were all on top form, delivering their nonsensical lectures on various assigned topics while attempting to “smuggle” four ludicrous-sounding truths past their rivals, but it was eventual winner Victoria Coren Mitchell who really made the show, bringing an adorable dash of couple-y banter to proceedings, and prompting David Mitchell to make numerous self-deprecating jokes about their relationship, and her dominance of the game. Although Mrs. Mitchell noted that the downside of appearing on the show was that she was demonstrating to her hubby just how sneaky a liar she could be, I think it’s fair to say that years of playing professional poker have simply made her a better bluffer than the other contestants, who are all stand-up comedians, and therefore more used to externalising their emotions for laughs rather than keeping their faces straight in order to claim the pot. Either way, it made for a very enjoyable show… and it was particularly amusing to hear Mr. Mitchell sounding so overwhelmed by the wonderfully clever and funny women surrounding him. Lucky chap!

Fun fact: Mrs. Mitchell’s assigned topic was “Princesses”, and one of the unbelievable truths she dropped into her lecture was that Princess Alexandra of Bavaria (1826 –1875) believed that that she’d swallowed a full-sized glass piano when she was younger, and had to be extremely careful whenever she moved around for fear of breaking it!

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