Electric Dreams

[Contains imaginary thought-bubbles and SPOILERS!!!]

Dove Cameron as ‘Liv Rooney’ (as “Tess”) in “Liv and Maddie” (S3)The second season of Liv and Maddie ended on a freeze-frame cliff-hanger… which might have been quite aggravating for the show’s fans, if it weren’t for the fact that the third season was scheduled to begin a mere three weeks later! Once again, the Disney Channel inexplicably opted to eke out 26 episodes over an interminable eleven-month-long “season”, thus making it almost impossible to remember what was happening with the characters when the cycle first started… which is a shame, because I actually think the show’s writers are very good at spinning ongoing story-arcs for their eponymous heroines… though it’s a lot harder to build up any real emotional steam with so much lag between instalments, sadly.

All the same, Dove Cameron remains one of the most adorable and adept comic actresses on TV right now… to the point that I often forget there’s just one person playing both twins! Her skill in differentiating the Rooney sisters is particularly evident in scenes where she has to play ‘Liv’ pretending to be ‘Maddie’ (or vice versa), and subtly graduates the differences between their distinct voices, to make the impersonation obvious to the audience, but not to the casual observer (or their parents, apparently!).

Dove Cameron as ‘Liv Rooney’ (as “SkyVolt”) in “Liv and Maddie” (S3)The third season has also added another string to Cameron’s bow, now that Liv has been cast as the lead actress in a fictional super-hero show called Voltage, which is rather conveniently being filmed in a studio in her home town! So far the snippets we’ve seen of this show-within-a-show have been played totally straight (with surprisingly fancy FX), emphasising the teen cheerleader’s struggles with her newly-acquired powers, and giving Cameron the opportunity to demonstrate a wider dramatic range within her signature sitcom!* Hurrah! The only downside to this, of course, is that it really makes me want to see her playing “SkyVolt” for realsies… so hopefully someone at Disney will greenlight a Voltage spin-off movie soon, to expand on her electro-adventures!


* If Cameron were delivering the same quality/variety/hilarity that she does here in a more “grown-up” sitcom, I reckon she’d have been Emmy-nominated at the very least by now!

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