[Contains thousand-year-old eggs and SPOILERS!!!]

Constance Wu as ‘Jessica Huang’ and Riki Lindhome as ‘Arielle’ in “Fresh Off the Boat” (S2)The second season of Fresh Off the Boat (aka “The Constance Wu Show”) hit the ground running this week with a strong premiere episode, in which ‘Louis’ (Randall Park) reluctantly agreed to take his family along on his “business trip” to the Gator World resort, after wife ‘Jessica’ (Wu) became suspicious that he was sneaking off for an unsanctioned vacation. As ever, the best jokes revolved around the relentless task-mistress’s mission to spend as little money as possible while maintaining maximum control over her off-spring. In her house, Tooth Fairies don’t leave loose cash under a child’s pillow… they leave critical notes and chore instructions, such as “Evan, clean your room!” Harsh.

Constance Wu as ‘Jessica Huang’ in “Fresh Off the Boat” (S2)Jessica lost some of her megalomaniacal-mojo after Louis challenged her to relax and enjoy the hotel’s amenities (which included a fully-clothed massage from a cameo-ing Riki Lindhome!)… but thankfully the outrageous bill they received at the end of their stay rekindled her penny-pinching super-powers, as she finagled a discount out of the desk clerk using her youngest son’s bloody baby-tooth as evidence of a fictional poolside slip! Icky, but ingenious! And the later reveal that she’d prised the loose tooth out of his mouth with her bare hands was both disturbing and hilarious… clearly she’s been reading too much Stephen King!

It’s sooo good to have Jessica back on TV again… and seeing her lock into “terminator” mode is a truly beautiful thing to behold. Swoon!

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