Like A Virgin (Rocker)

Paloma Faith in a commercial for Virgin Media (11/15)When Paloma Faith belted out an awesome cover of “Purple Haze” at Glastonbury and claimed that she’d been listening to a lot of Jimi Hendrix as inspiration for her new album, I assumed she was joking, and paying homage to the music festival’s hippie/rock roots… though I couldn’t help wishin’/hopin’/prayin’ she was serious…

Well, t’other day a commercial for Virgin Media was posted on her Facebook page, in which she once again claimed to be listening to a lot of “psychedelic rock” (including Hendrix and Janis Joplin) while writing tracks for her forthcoming album… and this time she did it with a totally straight face… so I’m officially excited now, and super-curious to see how she’ll channel those influences into her own music. As you can see, she’s also been perfecting her snarly sneer, which should stand her in good stead!

Note: Other broadband service providers are available… though I’d be happy to change to Virgin if it meant Paloma would like me more…

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