“Old-School Pseudo-European Gangster-Style Slumber Party”

Sarah Silverman as ‘Bethany’ in “Gravy”James Roday’s Halloween-themed comedy-horror flick Gravy (2015) epitomises the motto “Too Ugly To Live – Too Weird To Die”… and I mean that in the nicest possible way. An adorable indie quirk-fest ambushed by a full-blooded cannibal massacre, it would be impossible to adequately describe the experience of watching this movie… but imagine if New Girl had a love-child with American Horror Story, and that baby boasted a top-notch cast trading witty asides while a heart-warming story of heroine-ism played out, punctuated by stabs of random violence and gross-out gags. In a word: Awesome-sauce!

Of course, this sort of (literally) clownish horror-comedy isn’t everyone’s cup of cocoa… but any movie that featured Sarah Silverman (as a bunny-suited convenience-store-worker)*, Sutton Foster (as a resourceful bartender), Molly Ephraim (as a bitchy waitress), and Jimmi Simpson (as a fun-loving flesh-eater!) was pretty much guaranteed to pique my interest… and that curiosity was rewarded in spades by this gleefully macabre, quick-witted, laugh-out-loud firecracker of a movie!

Sutton Foster as ‘Kerry’ in “Gravy”As soon as the end credits had finished rolling, I added this bad-boy to my “to buy” list… if only because I’m hoping that the DVD subtitles will help me appreciate all the throwaway lines and obscure references that pepper the script. Although the potential audience for this sort of off-beat oddity is probably pretty small, I’ve no doubt that it will attract a loyal following of weirdoes like me, who will happily re-watch it every All Hallows’ Eve!

Note: The movie’s only technical flaw is that the (otherwise excellent) soundtrack tends to overpower the dialogue at times. I thought this was just my TV torturing me, until I read a professional review complaining about the same problem. Pesky!


* Her role is pretty small, and she only appears in two brief scenes bookending the main story… but she’s in full-on super-cute flirt mode, so it’s well-worth checking out, if you’re a fan of hers.

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