D.O.A. to Z

Cristin Milioti as ‘Zelda Vasco’ in “A to Z”This morning I saw a trailer for E4’s “brand new” acquisition: the one-year-old and already-cancelled NBC sitcom A to Z! I always think it’s a little mean/misleading that they blithely promote these short-lived shows without any kind of warning to dissuade out-of-the-loop viewers from growing too attached, even though a series has long-since been consigned to the television trash bin and will inevitably leave its new fans feeling deflated and cheated when they search online for a second season that doesn’t (and never will) exist! Still, on the upside, it does give me another excuse to lose myself in Cristin Milioti‘s eyes… sigh…

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A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action.
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