“Pop!” Go The Fox-Girls

Shiny new Babymetal figures and T-shirt from Funko (12/15)I don’t generally like buying figurines, because they’re so tricky to dust, and I have a tendency to knock them off the shelves when I try… my big-headed Little Nell statuette has taken more swan-dives off the bedside table than I can count, thanks to how top-heavy her glittery top-hat makes her! Of course, that wouldn’t be such an issue if I left them in their original boxes… but where’s the fun in that, eh?

If I did have a proper display cabinet (or less buttery-fingers), then I’d be very keen to get my hands on the adorable new Funko vinyl figures of Babymetal band-members Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal, which will be released (separately) at the end of the month. There’s also a “Tour Poster” T-shirt, with super-cute cartoon versions of the band on the front… which I’d also be itching to order, if I hadn’t already earmarked the rest of my Xmas money for boring practical things like a memory card and battery charger, dammit!

Update (6/11/16): Currently, the cheapest place for Brits to buy these figures is from the vendor “All Your Music” via Amazon or eBay. I’ve no affiliation with that company myself (sadly), but have ordered plenty CDs/DVDs from them in the past, and they are a source I’ve come to trust. Still haven’t bought any of these figures for myself, though… so I continue to covet them from afar…

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