GothWatch Prime: Death (The Endless)

Panels from "The Sandman" issue #8 (The Sound Of Her Wings), collected in "Preludes & Nocturnes" (1991), written by Neil Gaiman, drawn by Mike Dringenberg, inked by Malcolm Jones III, and coloured by Robbie BuschSince I’m trying to write my own fantasy comix series now, I figured it was about time I re-read Neil Gaiman‘s critically acclaimed Sandman books, starting with Preludes & Nocturnes (1991)… which, in the author’s own (after)words, does seem rather “awkward and ungainly” in retrospect, but which nonetheless laid the foundations for a lot of great stories (and spin-offs) to come. Although Gaiman probably didn’t do himself any favours trying to tie his work into the wider DC Comics continuity, I do appreciate how faithful he was to Keith Giffen & J. M. DeMatteis‘s version of The Justice League (complete with Oreo cookies), as I was also a big fan of those comics at the time, and remain so today!

'Death' as drawn by Chris Bachalo (circa 1992)In her introduction, Executive Editor Karen Berger suggests that the final story in this collection (“The Sound Of Her Wings”) was a major turning point for the series, and I couldn’t agree more… besides providing a sweetly life-affirming breather after all the horror that preceded it, this was also the story that introduced one of my fave comic book characters (and biggest crushes) of all time: Death! Although ‘Lydia Deetz‘ (from Beetlejuice) was the first Goth-y gal to attract my interest back in the day, Death wasn’t far behind, and acted as a powerful catalyst for my long-standing infatuation, with her perky pep-talks and compassionate soul-conveying.

Although it’s been a while since I last read any comics she’s appeared in, Death has remained a cheering presence in my life, smiling down beatifically from the Chris Bachalo-drawn poster that I’ve had hanging on my bedroom wall for nearly two decades now! In fact, because the picture hook happened to be beside my light-switch, she’s generally the last thing I see every night before I go to sleep… which seems quite appropriate really, given her vocation…

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2 Responses to GothWatch Prime: Death (The Endless)

  1. stasiuwong says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Bachalo’s big-hair renditions of Death. I think I know the poster you refer to, where it’s a landscape-oriented, grey, and she’s sitting against a wall. I can’t remember where I stored mine…

    • deecrowseer says:

      Actually my poster looks like the picture I posted above, but with her hair and coat coloured blue. I think Bachalo’s artwork is gorgeous in general, but I’m particularly partial to his version of Death… especially the big hair! :)

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