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Maggie Lawson as 'Allison Fuller' and Jane Lynch as 'Amy' in "Angel from Hell" (S1)So far the reviews have been pretty mixed for Jane Lynch‘s new sitcom Angel from Hell, but I really enjoyed the first episode, and thought the central premise had a lot of promise. Lynch plays ‘Amy’, a scruffy/eccentric street-magician who latches onto a strait-laced dermatologist (Maggie Lawson) she encounters at a farmers’ market, and claims to be the woman’s Heaven-sent Guardian Angel. Although her provenance seems pretty dubious at first, Amy does seem to know a scary amount of personal details about her ward, and is passionately committed to becoming a positive force of support and protection in her life. Bless. Whether she’s a kosher supernatural being, or simply a highly skilled hacker/con-woman remains to be seen, of course… personally I’m hoping it’s the former, because I’m a romantic like that, though I’d be impressed if they managed to maintain the ambiguity around Amy for the rest of the series… however long that turns out to be.*

Liza Lapira as 'Jill' in "Angel from Hell" (S1)Of course, Lynch is the show’s major selling point, and she’s firing on all cylinders here, stealing scene after scene from Lawson’s sympathetic straight-woman… but they make a good double-act, and their bonding scene at the end of the pilot was genuinely heart-warming. Overall, if I had to pick a single word to describe this show (besides “funny”, that is), I’d plump for “adorable”… because, for all of Amy’s rough-edges, she really is a very endearing character, and seeing her go to bat for ‘Allison’ with such fervour was super-sweet… and a little bit frightening at the same time!

Oh, I was also very happy to see Liza Lapira again, playing Allison’s long-time bestie ‘Jill’… but (SLIGHT SPOILER!) considering how the episode ended, I’m not sure if she’s supposed to be a recurring character or not. I hope she is, because Lapira’s great… though I’ve grown so used to seeing her with glasses on (in Apt. 23 and Super Fun Night), I couldn’t help thinking something was missing from her face in her scenes here! I mean, it’s a gorgeous face with or without the furniture… I just prefer her looking a little geekier, s’all…


* I only say that because this show was created by Tad Quill, who was a writer/producer on Perfect Couples and Bent, two other sitcoms that I liked a lot more than the general-public/critics/network-suits seemed to, and got cancelled too damn soon. Sigh…

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