Voxy: Week 1

Paloma Faith ala "The Voice" (S5)Last year I pledged to watch more of Paloma Faith‘s TV appearances, little suspecting that she would be cast as a judge on BBC1’s chair-centric singing contest The Voice (UK), which started its fifth season on Saturday. Having never seen the show before, I decided to record the episode rather than watching it “live”, just in case I needed to use my fast-forward button to get through any gruelling/cringey sections. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised by how little skipping I had to do… everyone seemed very hyper, but aside from Will.i.am’s irritating habit of repeating everybody’s jokes (including his own) to death, I enjoyed the banter between the judges and the contestants, and (surprisingly) didn’t really hate any of the performances… though I did find it very annoying when the director kept cutting away from the actual songs to show the performers’ friends/family screaming encouragement (or berating the judges) backstage. Gah! Overall, I’d guesstimate that I enjoyed roughly 70-80% of the show, which is a much higher percentage than I would have predicted before hitting “play” for the first time. Faith was just as adorable as ever, of course, and it was great to hear her belting out a little “You’ve Got The Love” during the opening mashup… weirdly though, I’m currently backing Team George, based solely on the fact he managed to snag my fave singer of the night…

Cody Frost ala "The Voice" (S5)I didn’t expect to become attached to any of the contestants, and was doing a good job of maintaining my “cool” throughout most of the blind auditions… but then 17-year-old Cody Frost came on stage to perform an emotive cover of ABBA’s “Lay All Your Love On Me”, and I felt myself tearing up a little (both times I watched it, in fact). When asked to describe her unique look, she jokingly described herself as a “failed punk”, which was very endearing*… especially since she looked like a pretty convincing punk to me! During the judges’ cross-examination, she confessed to liking “scary” heavy metal music, so it will be interesting to see which songs and styles she experiments with in future episodes… because, yes, I’m hooked in for the long haul now! Dammit.


* Her Twitter feed is equally amusing/self-deprecating… while her  YouTube channel proves she can play a mean guitar as well as cover a wide range of musical artists (her version of “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” is pure awesomeness). Overall, she really comes across as a very likeable and talented young woman, so yay her! Cody FTW!!

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