Nursin’ The Nesbitts

Mabel Aitken as 'Nurse' in "Rab C. Nesbitt" (ep #4.2)Seeing the Scottish sitcom Rab C. Nesbitt crop up on a streaming site I use jogged a vague memory about Mabel Aitken appearing in an episode of that show, back in the day… and checking IMDB revealed that she was actually making her television debut when she appeared in ep #4.2 (1994), playing a young ‘Nurse’ who comforts the title character (Gregor Fisher) following the death of his elderly mother. Although she doesn’t get a name, she does get a fair amount of focus/screentime, and even a little character-arc of her own, as she moves from the fear/revulsion that Rab’s angry ranting first inspires, to understanding the misdirected grief that underlies it. Bless. She also shares a brief scene with Rab’s wife ‘Mary’, played by her future Coming Soon co-star Elaine C. Smith!

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