Junona Tremainhard

Juno Temple, Winona Rider, Sandra Bernhard and Emily Tremaine attend Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Mascara Launch Dinner in NYC (1/18/16)Obviously if I posted here every time I spotted a cute/cool picture of an actress I liked, my unfortunate followers would be getting update notifications on a half-hourly basis… but when three of my long-time crushes cuddle up for a photo-op together, I feel compelled to share the warm-fuzzies with as many peeps as possible!

So, here’s a snap that Sandra Bernhard posted on her Facebook/WhoSay page this morning, to commemorate attending the Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Mascara Launch Dinner (!?), where she bumped into Juno Temple, Winona Ryder, and Emily Tremaine (who I’m not so familiar with, but she had a supporting role in Obvious Child, so that’s a big tick in her favour). Bernhard described the three actresses collectively as “smarties and nicies… I like them”… though sadly there’s no indication that they’ll all be working together in the near future. Sigh…

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