Con Envy: 4/16

Erica Gavin, back in the day...As of this morning, if someone asked me my dream holiday destination (at least for the last week of April), I’d confidently reply: “Parsippany, New Jersey, of course!” Why for? Well, that’s where my long-time crushes Erica Gavin and Nell Campbell (aka “Little Nell”) will be appearing as guests at the Chiller Theatre Expo, along with Campbell’s Rocky Horror co-stars Patricia Quinn and Barry Bostwick! In theory they’ll be present for the entire three-day-weekend, though there aren’t any specifics on the website about what they’ll actually be doing, or how much they’ll be charging for autographs and/or photos… sorry.

Meanwhile, I’m still debating whether or not to book a ticket for the far-more-convenient BFCC in March… no GoT-related guests have been announced so far, but Farscape‘s Virginia Hey might be there (minus her life-threatening ‘Zhaan’ make-up, of course), which could be kinda cool… though I don’t really have enough time to re-watch all of her episodes before the convention, to refresh my reference-bank. Pesky!

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