Sting Like A Bee

Samantha Bee a la "Full Frontal" (S1)It’s been a looong time since More4 stopped rebroadcasting The Daily Show over here in the UK, but back when I was watching it every week-night, Samantha Bee was one of my fave correspondents… and this Monday saw the premiere of her very own satirical late-night talk show on TBS. Hurrah!

As a Brit, I’m not always as au fait with the subject matter of topical American comedy as a native would be, but thankfully this week’s show was largely focussed on the Democratic and Republican Presidential Campaigns, which are also getting a lot of coverage on this side of the Atlantic (largely due to the balls-out craziness of some of the candidates). Considering her years of experience on the Daily Show, it’s no surprise that Bee made for a very assured and engaging host… but she also managed to hit the ground running with enough smart and funny material to make this an extremely auspicious debut.* As the end credits rolled, she raved about how excited she was to be “going on this ride” with us, and now I’m excited too!

Fun fact: According to a piece on the NYMag site, the show’s writers were hired “blind”, solely on the basis of their submissions, without any knowledge of the applicants’ gender/ethnicity/experience-level… resulting in a staff that is approximately 50% female and 30% non-white.


* SPOILER: There’s also a great cutaway gag in the opening scene where she participates in a sinister witchy ritual to ensure the show’s success, that Horror fans should really get a kick out of…

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