Sans Halo (And Timeslot)

Maggie Lawson as 'Allison Fuller' and Jane Lynch as 'Amy' in "Angel from Hell" (S1)I went searching for the latest episode of Angel From Hell this morning, only to discover that it’s already been cancelled, a mere five weeks into the first season! Personally, I found this show to be funny, warm, and charming… I also thought the writers were doing a great job of maintaining the ambiguity surrounding Jane Lynch‘s character, and her potentially “divine” provenance/powers… the addition of a second “Guardian Angel” (played by Brett Gelman) in last week’s episode was a particularly clever play, giving ‘Amy’ someone to confer with, and seemingly back up her claims (until he was arrested and sent off to a psychiatric facility, of course)… but apparently there just weren’t enough people watching, to keep it on the air. Shame on you, America!

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