Metal Resistease

Item: Babymetal (or rather, the shadowy svengalis who control them) have released a short teaser trailer for their upcoming album Metal Resistance, featuring a snippet of lead single “Karate” which is now available via various virtual vendors… though sadly not Amazon UK, which hasn’t even bothered posting a tracklisting for the CD version of the album yet, let alone acknowledged the possibility of a digital release! Tch!

Babymetal a la the "Metal Resistance" teaser trailer (2/16)I recently started following the fan forum, and it’s heart-warming to see the band’s hardcore fans sniffing out and sharing leads on the best merchandise and album-bundles available, in the run-up to April 1st (aka “Fox Day”!). Thanks to them I was able to hear “Karate” in full yesterday, and it’s already started worming its way into my (welcoming) brain. I just hope the band release a proper promo video (or “MV” as the cool kids say) soon, so we can see all the crazy new dance moves they’ve come up with for it. The brief excerpt used in the trailer is too damn tantalizing!

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