Ellie Kendrick as 'Christian' and Kathryn Hunter as 'Cyrano' in "Cyrano de Bergerac" (2/16)Although the reviews for Southwark Playhouse’s all-female production of Cyrano de Bergerac have been rather mixed (to put it politely), there was plenty praise for Kathryn Hunter‘s performance in the title role, and several critics also singled out her co-star Ellie Kendrick:

“Ellie Kendrick stands out for her frank, unhysterical portrayal of Christian, the empty-headed but handsome cadet who is only too happy to let Cyrano write his love-letters for him. Kendrick also shows good comic timing in the balcony scene in which Cyrano, hiding in Christian’s shadow, feeds him both the words and the gestures he requires to win over Roxane (Sabrina Bartlett).”The Arts Desk

“Finer moments arise between Hunter and Ellie Kendrick, particularly when the duo work in tandem to woo Roxane.”Exeunt Magazine

“The swaggering Kendrick fares best out of an ensemble of eight…”The Evening Standard

“…Of the rest of the cast only Ellie Kendrick’s good-natured and open-faced Christian feels complete as a character.”The Stage

“Ellie Kendrick is touchingly inarticulate as Christian de Neuvillette, Roxane’s handsome but dumbstruck admirer” – The Telegraph

[Updated: 12/3/16]

“Ellie Kendrick is an endearing Christian, and her gormless expressions are thrown in hysterical contrast with Cyrano’s sharp wit and literary finesse.”

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