Voxy: Week 8

Cody Frost ala "The Voice" (UK) (S5)I enjoyed my first exposure to The Voice (UK) so much, I naively assumed I’d be writing about it every week… but none of the other contestants who auditioned over the subsequent weeks moved me the way that Cody Frost did in the premiere. A lot of them were very good singers, of course, and likeable people with interesting backstories… but none of them could hold a candle to Cody, in my eyes/ears. Still, I found the show pretty entertaining overall, and have even started watching it “live” rather than recording it… though I do end up leafing through a magazine or doodling during some of the performances and drawn-out deliberation!

This week was the start of the “Battle Round”, which inexplicably pits two contestants from the same team against one another, singing a duel-duet so that their tearful/regretful coach can decide who to keep and who to ditch… at which point one of the other coaches can “steal” the rejected contestant for their own team!

Cody Frost Vs Heather Cameron-Hayes on "The Voice" (UK) (ep #5.8)Annoyingly Cody’s “battle” against Heather Cameron-Hayes was the last bout of the two-hour-long warble-fest… though I guess that kinda makes sense, since she’s basically the headlining act (and a 4-1 favourite to win the season, according to various betting sites I checked this morning). It was interesting to see how they each reacted to the other’s vocals, as they belted the bejeezus out of “Nothing Compares 2 U”… and I couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for HCH, who kept wincing every time Cody aced her solo sections! And, yes, once again, I got a little weepy watching/listening to Cody’s performance… so I wasn’t hugely surprised when Boy George wisely chose to keep her on his team (especially after he went on and on about how much the spunky, punky teen reminded him of himself)… though he did rather let himself down by fretting that he’d let the real winner slip through his fingers after HCH was snapped up by a rival coach. What a fickle-pickle he is! Tch! For her part, Cody was very huggy and supportive towards HCH, despite their social differences, and the divisive nature of the competition… ‘cuz she’s classy like that.

Anyhoo, one more “battle” episode to go before the “knockouts” (whatever they are!)… but I doubt I’m going to change my mind between now and the live finals: Cody FTW!!!

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